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5 Senses Ritual for Couple: Massage + Private Jacuzzi

5 Senses Ritual for Couple: Massage + Private Jacuzzi


Enjoy with your partner of the unique experience of this Ritual that includes an aromatic bath in private jacuzzi for half an hour and the selected massage. Share magical moments in a romantic environment, specially prepared for the occasion, with candles, aromatic incense, fireplace, relaxing music… The massage is given in the same room by two massage therapist, using 100% natural oils with personalized aromatherapy.


  1. Touch: Allow the bubbles and water jets cover your body
  2. Smell: Bath bomb and massage oils with aromatherapy
  3. Taste: Chocolates and juice (or other beverage)
  4. Hearing: Relaxing music
  5. Sight: Candlelight calming atmosphere and fireplace

    Gift any of our massages, private jacuzzi baths o Rituals. An original, rewarding and unforgettable experience.


    You will receive the Gift Voucher in digital format so you can print it and give it to the person wanted.

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