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Relaxing Massage for Couple

Relaxing Massage for Couple



The main intention of the Relaxing Massage is to give to the body a state of relief and peace, specially important in a stressed way of life. The touch in the Relaxing Massage is delicate and soft, but firm at the same time. The strokes are made with smooth movements, with an harmonious and pleasant rythm and without brusqueness.


Share magical moments in a romantic environment, specially prepared for the occasion, with candles, aromatic incense, fireplace, relaxing music… The massage is given in the same room by two massage therapist, using 100% natural oils with personalized aromatherapy.



    Regala cualquiera de nuestros masajes, baños privados en jacuzzi o tratamientos combinados. Una experiencia original, enriquecedora e inolvidable. 

    El Bono Regalo lo recibes en formato electrónico para imprimirlo y entregarlo a la persona que quieras. 

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